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  • Efficient running costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A healthier home with reduced allergens

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EcoHeat | Smarter Heating

EcoHeat from Laser Plumbing Sale is the best, most modern and practical hydronic heating solution for your home or commercial space. Whether you prefer floor heating, wall radiators, convectors or decorative pieces, EcoHeat can deliver.

Why trust EcoHeat to install your hydronic heating solution?

We are a trusted local business with over 40 years' experience in the heating industry.

  • Totally Dependable guaranteed
  • Large range of modern solutions for your property type
  • Accredited Master Plumbers member

What is EcoHeat Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating systems heat water in a central boiler and circulate the hot water through pipes to radiators, or radiant floor coils, to heat your entire house.

This means that EcoHeat hydronic heating is cost efficient, healthy, silent and the safe choice for heating your family home, office or building. It provides the ultimate in heating comfort, benefitting from new technologies and supported by a large range of sustainable products.

What are the benefits of Hydronic Heating?

Efficient Running

The real cost savings begin once your EcoHeat hydronic heating solution is installed.

A high efficiency boiler is used to heat water which is then circulated throughout the system by a small pump. There is almost no loss of heat as water is distributed through-out your home, enabling the accurate control of the temperature of your rooms. Temperature can be selected manually or using our mobile phone app. As a result hydronic systems consume less energy than forced air systems. With the option to bolt on geo-thermal products, efficiency can be maximised for your installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Less CO2 expired for heating same space as conventional gas appliances.

The more energy generated through conventional heating systems, the more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. This by-product is causing global warming and changing our climate with seriously detrimental effects. Ecoheat reduces our carbon footprint by using reduce energy and providing emission savings.

Safe. Silent. Reliable.

EcoHeat is safe for elderly people, children and pets

The water flowing through the hydronic heating system is temperature regulated. There are no electrical connections or exposed flames, so leaving a child in front of a heater is as safe as it could be. Convectors are an even safer alternative, with the surface temperature being pleasantly warm to the touch.

Healthy through reduced allergens

Great for reducing airborne allergens through less circulating dust

Hydronic heating does not use fans, so this is the the best form of heating for allergy and asthma sufferers, through less circulating dust. Rooms are heated passively, so 24 hours a day you can stay warm and cosy. Your home is ventilated, replacing stale air and reducing relative humidity, making dust mites far less likely to grow out of control.

Flexible Installation and Range

Flexibility of System Installations and Servicing

A variety of options can be offered to deliver the most visually pleasing and practical solutions for your property. These can range from floor piping, panel radiators, convectors, decorative pieces and towel rails, to name just a few. We offer a huge range of modern solutions for your property type.

EcoHeat is suitable for new home builds and existing homes

Hydronic heating is the most comfortable, cost efficient heating choice used in homes and buildings today. It's versatile, comfortable, and economical. it can be incorporated into any and every style of home, utilising any fuel source.

Most houses will have EcoHeat hydronic heating installed during the initial construction phase. If you already have a completed house we can install a variety of hydronic heating options on your premises. Even a property with Concrete floors, enclosed walls, built on stumps, timber floors even double storey. Our variety of modern heating solutions will accommodate a suitable outcome.

If you are building your dream home, renovating or extending, we have a comprehensive range of modern practical solutions for your heating.

Choose your heating source

  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Geothermal
  • Off peak electric
  • Wood Fired boiler

How much does it cost to install?

We will provide you with an official quote, but typically full installation of a radiator costs between $1,200 and $1,500, which includes the cost of a boiler suitable for an average sized home. To install hydronic slab heating, the approximate cost is $53-$60 per square metre, single pour not including the cost of the boiler. What that means is that we can provide you with a high value system, with all the benefits of efficient running costs, a healthier home, while minimising your environmental foot-print.

How does EcoHeat hydronic heating work?

A hydronic heating system is made up of five components.

  1. The boiler heats water to a thermostatically controlled temperature. Boilers can use natural gas, LPG, Off Peak Electricity or can be wood fired.
  2. The piping, usually made of copper/plastic or multilayer and carries the heated water from the boiler to radiators/convectors, and back again for reheating.
  3. A pump circulates the water through the piping.
  4. Radiators or convectors transfer the heat into the room. (Several types are available).
  5. A programmable wall thermostats ideally controls the heat levels (or room temperature) to optimise comfort throughout the house. We also have mobile apps for smart phones to adjust individual room or zone temperatures from anywhere in the world. When the kids are away you can isolate the rooms to provide the maximum operating efficiency of your hydronic heating system.

EcoHeat hydronic heating installed across Gippsland

Laser Plumbing Sale is Gippsland's number one choice for EcoHeat hydronic heating supply, installation and maintenance.

The team at Laser Plumbing Sale are your local gas and plumbing experts. With over 40 years of industry experience, we have serviced the breadth of Gippsland from Lakes Entrance to Pakenham. Laser Plumbing Sale delivers a Totally Dependable design, installation and service for all your EcoHeat hydronic heating needs.

Our team take great pride in the EcoHeat Brand. This product is a modern and practical heating solution for your home, school, apartment or office building that we are proud to support. We are able to come to you and provide the very best in service and advice. So give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Helping you keep warm this winter!

What our customers say

Laser Plumbing recently installed our hydronic floor heating system. Our construction contained a high level of individuality where there was the requirement to manage an earth covered construction and heating connections to a wood fired boiler. The team at laser provided a high level of communication and worked through the delicate requirements of accuracy involved with pipe positioning on a house with concrete walls and polished concrete floor. The finish on all installations was top notch with a friendly and efficient crew to deal with, we couldn't have been happier. We would recommend the Laser team to anybody wanting to install a hydronic heating system. They leave no stone unturned to ensure quality in the finished product."

Geoff and Robyn Pearson

We built a new home and made enquiries through Laser Plumbing regarding Hydronic heating. The information we were given on slab heating was thorough with attention detail. The staff at Laser installed the system and the reliability and level of communication provided was second to none. Their commitment and willingness to work with other trades made the whole process completely effortless on our part. With this in mind, we would have no hesitation to recommend Laser Plumbing for your home heating needs. From my 40 years of building experience, I would only construct a new home with in slab floor heating."

Theo and Sandra Smolenaars

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